Beat down - Someone getting the heck beat out of him in the 'hood.

Black & Gus - Whoops news report.  Must have knowledge of cows =)

Breakdance - The most incredible balancing and upper body strength demonstration ever.

High School Demo - How many places can you hide a gun?!

Funny Cats - Funniest home video compilation of cats.

Greatest Movie Line Ever! - Name speaks for itself

How Not To Land a Helicopter

Japanese Talent Show Winner

Larry Gets Politcally Correct - PC Christmas tale

Parents prank - Traumatized for life children.

Robot Dance - Pop and lock like you have never seen it with David "Elsewhere" Bernal

Starwars - "To all you Vader Haters out there!"

Toyota bait - Build a better mousetrap...

Travolta - Some serious dog training.

Webs - This is your brain...

What would you do? - Besides beat the hell out of him?

Wife call - "She seems nice..."

Wine Opener - PG-13 for sexual insinuations...View at own risk.

You are SOOO in my bed - Poor dog =(

ESPN U Aggies vs. Tea-Sips you have to know the schools =)

Hilarious!  How did the Emperor react when he heard about the Death Star?